Prague the Incredible!

All you’ve ever heard about Prague is true and then some!  The most beautiful city I’ve seen!   All historic styles abound here in rich colors and labyrinth of city streets in medieval patterns.  Everything from Romanesque, to Gothic, to Renaissance, to Baroque in spades…to Art Nouveau, with “Neo” in front of those styles in an overlay of colors and patterns.   History in sustainability here is through a rich preservation of culture, art, tastes, music, traditions, architecture through horrific conflagrations over the 1200 year history!  Most poignantly for today is the invasion of the Nazis in WWII, evidence of which still exists today.  The myth that Prague survived the war unscathed is actually untrue.  The RAF mistook Prague for Dresden, bombing some industrial areas and churches in the middle of the war, but the final injury came the very last day of the war, when the German’s shelled and leveled parts of the Old Town center including the Town Hall as a parting gift.  Reconstruction however remains some of the best in the world with no scars left in the destroyed areas.  Now the Soviets’ influence on the other hand, that’s another story for another post!

More tonight, I need to run to the city for more photos and tours!  Including the Prague Beer Tour at !  Happy Hour!   Budvar you guessed it, “not your father’s Budweiser” is the beer here!  The call it “the original”.  Forget that Pilsner Urquell, the Czech’s scoff at that brew!  See you in a bit, in the meantime check out the photos below!

Old Town Square, the City center

Old Town Square, the City center

Old Town Square

Old Town Square

The sights of Europeans on vacation in what they universally call “their favorite spot”!  

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8 thoughts on “Prague the Incredible!

  1. Amazing trip! How did you arrange for such great WEATHER??? Your photos show more sunshine than my entire 2.5 years in Germany had! 🙂 Stay safe.

  2. A thought about sustainability and resilience: Resilience is what to aim for when there is no hope of a sustainable world. Given the ominous rate of global destruction, this seems like a good idea! It may buy time for those in the first world to escape some of the early casualties while the rest of the humanity gets swept under (“natural” catastrophes such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires etc.) It is somewhat like building a concrete shelter filled with cans of spam during the cold war, in case of a nuclear attack.
    As for the Checkies (or what ever they are called, after un-becoming Checkoslovakian), I am not sure how “resilient” they are as people. My idea of resilience is that it would be reflected in people, in whether they smile, drink and dance to a song that says “let this evil world sink,” even when the inflation rate is 200% and making a living is very hard. And this brings me to my Prague experience in 1995, as part of the CAP study abroad program:…-to-freds-blog/

  3. Nice Fred – you make me want to visit Prague! When I was working in Ireland I kept hearing from Irish friends that it was a wonderful place. Glad you’re enjoying it. Great photos.

  4. Happy Trails, Dorf

    You apparently did finally ask about Budvar, as I advised. But I see no credit given in your tome. A punishable oversight.

    Next advisory, for the next destination: Always carry cucumbers.


  5. i have spent a few month living in Prague in 2003 and loved it. I can identify with everything that you say about Prague. thank you for sharing it. vera thomson

  6. Wonderful commentary Fred! I like to read it over a glass of wine and cheese, ya gettin’ any of that????

  7. I’m curious, for this study abroad, can a person in the Urban Design program take this in place of the Shanghai studio?

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