Central and Eastern Europe

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This blog is about Eastern Europe, focused on the unique place in history that is Ukraine.  Cities, culture, politics, architecture, people…I was originally funded with a generous grant from the Fisher Traveling Scholarship from the American Institute of Architects to come to Central and Eastern Europe to travel, write, photograph, and blog about the culture and architecture. studying the architecture of a number of great Central and Eastern European cities.  

Since that time a war has broken out, Russia has occupied large areas, creating a war that none of us know much about.  A war that continues unabated; a war with a derth of news coverage in the US.  Cities have been leveled, Russian soldiers occupy the land, tanks and heavy artillery litter the countryside, people are living in their basements without heat or water and the entire country’s economy has collapsed!  This new Cold War line defines the front lines of a growing conflict, one festering and growing with the rest of the issues in that part of the world.  Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Syria, are all within a day or two’s drive.  The conflicts are all expanding and accelerating, including the one in our most eastern of European countries, Ukraine.  In the two years since my 2014 trip the value of the US dollar has increased 4 fold!  Good for travelers, horrible for the Ukrainians.  So prices have skyrocketed, people’s jobs have evaporated, money has disappeared and all else is in flux.  

This blog is about Eastern Europe, with all it’s beauty and warts, I’m here to tell the story.  IMGP1767





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